[V8] speakers/deck question, aftermarket

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Tue Oct 20 20:34:51 PDT 2009

Hey, if you were referring to the www.audipartssuperstore refurbished  
decks for $25, they were all original Bose decks I believe(which go  
with the Bose amplified speakers).  You can get an interface to use a  
different deck with the bose speakers(and maybe your 6 channel amp),  
but it sounds like you want to cut all that out and start fresh.  My  
Lago car has the original deck and rebuilt amps in the speakers and  
it sounds great, but the 5-speed came to me with a new Alpine stereo  
that someone had spent the time to splice all the appropriate wires,  
then ran them to the Bose speakers which didn't work.  I removed the  
bose amps/speakers and replaced them with Alpine 4's in the front/6x9  
in the rear.....as I recall, the fronts were originally 4-1/2 or  
something, as the new speakers were a bit smaller and didn't just  
"fit right in"....I used the stock wires, and the fronts aren't quite  
right...should have run bigger/new wire from the deck to the  
speakers, but at this point, it sounds awsome to  me(hearing loss).   
I ran the ipod cable into the glovebox, and can control it from the  
deck, and love that.  The pearl car I just sold had a non functioning  
stereo(someone had tried unsucessfully to do a retrofit), and if I  
kept it, I was planning on putting in a New stereo of some  
kind....Sorry if I rambled...Tom

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