[V8] speakers/deck question, aftermarket

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 21 03:55:31 PDT 2009

The factory stereo only uses the 4.5" and 6X9" speakers in the doors and rear deck, respectively. The dash locations are there on both sides for a 3.5" speaker. There is only one located in the car from the factory, in the passenger (right) side. It is used for the hands free cel-phone function. You could certainly put them in there, and hook them up, though. You would have to remove the cel phone speaker to install the aftermarket 3.5" speakers.


>Subject: [V8] speakers/deck question, aftermarket
>So now that I'm near done redoing the interior,  I think ill do the stereo too.  I just  wanted to ensure we have a pair of 3.5in ,4in , and 6 by9 in speakers,  right?  As well there was a company who made sharp almost OE looking decks that was discussed on the list I forgot the name too, anyobe remember it?
>After that just need a 6 channel amp and I'm good...

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