[V8] Engine Trouble (v6 - but still Audi)

Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 23 06:31:33 PDT 2009

Just wanted to pick your brain a little.  I am workning on a ladys 1995 90 with a 2.8l v6, or '12v' motor.  The oil cooler gasket let go and did an exxon/valdes on the four lane.  She says the oil light came on and she immediately pulled over, yeah right.  Anyway, I repaired the gasket, filled it with oil and still no start?  If I put some starting fluid in it it will cough for a few seconds.  Fuel pressure seems good.  Plugs are dry.  I haven't checked compression yet, but I will tonight.  It 'sounds' like it is turning over alittle fast.  At first I was thinking that it had no compression because the lifters had bled off due to no oil pressure, and the valves weren't opening.  Now I'm starting to think that it doesn't have compression because the engine is just toast from no oil.  Any thoughts?  BTDT?  Thanks in advance.  Jason


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