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I don't know if 305* is the pressure rating of the hose ... that is what it
seemed to me to be ... if so you will blow the line as soon as it is
installed.  The pressures in the hydraulic system are far greater than 300
PSI ... more like 5000 PSI IIRC.

.. I did a bit of poking around ... it looks like 300* is the temperature
rating of the hose ... 300 degC is prolly OK ... 

If you are going to modify the system my recommendation is that you have the
banjo heads converted to become adapters to AN fittings, then you can get
hoses built just about anywhere.  The only thing to be careful for is to
look for flow rate restrictors in the hoses under the sheath ... you don't
want to leave them out ... and you want to make sure you know what the flow
restrictor characteristics are and how you are going to do to get them into
the line ... 

Also ... remember that there are two different high pressure lines from the
pump, one for the steering and the other for brake assist.  The brake line
is in multiple pieces too, perhaps 3, one from the pump to the bomb and one
from the bomb to the brake servo.  Now that I'm thinking about it I believe
it is the steering line that Audi chose to run flexible and hard line ... so
there are two separate parts going from the pump to the rack.  

Steve Buchholz

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    So, as I wasn't having much luck finding a used Hydraulic hose, I went
to a company we use at school to have our stocker taken a look at.
What happened is, the supplier recomended using a differnt company who
specializes in this, because the supplier couldn't handle the job because of
the welding needed to keep the banjo fitting.  So I went to the specialty
hose place in town, and spoke with him, and he is now repairing my hydraulic
hose's crimp fittings by cutting the banjo's crimp off, cutting the hose,
and re-using the car-end fitting and using a new run of hose and a crimp
fitting mated to the factory piece.
So, I did start talking to him about making a different one out of easily
available parts.  He said it would be no problem, EXCEPT for the banjo
fittings.  They have nothing that size, or that angle, so if you could even
find the right end you still have to braze/weld it. However, if you can find
the banjo fitting in the right length, the whole thing would go together
So, I went ahead an came up with all the parts and am still looking for the
However, what I got is this for the hose:
Diesel automotive grade hydraulic hose, good up to 305* and certified for
diesel/hydraulic use, and then sheathed in flame-proof sheath good up to
1000+ degrees.
The fittings will NOT be crimp fittings.  This means they will be
serviceable type and less prone to failure as well.

I'm trying to find the banjo fitting to be able to make these with all new
However if I can't I was going to gauge interest in having the whole unit I
can make, without the banjo fitting, made, but then take a core of your
original hoses to use the banjo fittings on the otherwise new units.  This
would be the only way to do it if I can't find a new fitting.   This will
basically take your hose, cut the banjo off, weld it to a threaded flange
and attach it to the new unit.

So, anyone interested/curious about this?  It seems the new hoses are tough
to come by and bloody expensive, and as I'm having mine re-done now with 90%
new parts at barely 40 dollars, I'd figure I'd throw it out there, as it
seems they like to leak.  This would be a set for all of them just between
the pump and its outputs.
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