[V8] Bad Front Wheel Bearings(non Audi)

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Wed Oct 28 21:53:06 PDT 2009

its not so much the make as it is the type of vehicle.  Its also common on F150s and chevys too.  Albeit I usually see it as a problem on F150s past 100k...

I bet it has something to do with well over 2 tons and a high centwr of gravity... Hmmm 

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Subj: [V8] Bad Front Wheel Bearings(non Audi)
It's not an Audi, but my 2004 Chevy 2500HD Duramax started a shimmy  
on the highway....went away with braking....took it in today to have  
the tires rotated(and while it's up) shake the front wheels.......one  
had 1/8" slop...other was about 1".....68K totally stock....bearings  
are "sealed spindle unit" and are about $450 each from the dealer/ 
others....I've got a set coming(timken original).....for $180/each   
free shipping........Common problem apparently....Aren't you glad you  
don't own a vehicle "built like a rock"......Tom
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