[V8] Bad Front Wheel Bearings(non Audi)

Dave Saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Fri Oct 30 19:35:35 PDT 2009

I am pretty sure a clunker car may have any body parts sold, in fact I  
think the entire body could be sold whole and complete, but the motor  
has to be physically destroyed.
These had green paint on the whole motor. Even the alternator and  
similar parts.
I suppose a good way to end up with a decent Explorer or similar rig  
would be to get one whole, and just grab another V6 from a wrecked  
one.  No shortage of those.

For pulling, your ideas sound fun.  I am hooked on diesel for some odd  
reason.  I would like to find a V6 turbo diesel.  For the money and  
hassle though, I may as well just leave the motor attached to the  
Mercedes, Audi or BMW it came from.

On Oct 30, 2009, at 1:24 PM, NIck Miller wrote:

> I'm somewhat confused by the Clunkers program.  For one, I'm pretty  
> sure our dealership I work for is reselling cars it got through the  
> CFC program.  As well, I've heard they are supposed to be crushed,  
> and yet have heard reports of junkyards overflowing with clunkers as  
> well... Very confusing.
> On the unreleated note of Cars that pull things, I've decided I want  
> a truck/SUV again, but this time with a decidedly different twist.   
> My last suv I used for pulling towing was a mildly modified Olds  
> Bravada Circa 1994.  Thats the aerodynamically unfriendly box with  
> AWD and a V6.  We simply did some GM parts bin digging to get some  
> rods, pistons, swapped on a later model set of heads, funky  
> eddlebrock manifold, a holley tbi, and a burnt chip on that car and  
> it was a very smooth puller with a good amount of power..
> This time I'm considering either an S-10 extended cab with a 305 or  
> a Mazda B2000/2600 with a Mazda FE-Dohc 2.0 four stroked to 2.2l  
> with a Mazda Miata turbo setup and a small turbocharger to make  
> about 290hp and a good torque band..
> Oh, decisions decisions...

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