[V8] New problem - v8 tb - Update

Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 30 21:24:01 PDT 2009

Ok, got it all buttoned back up - all seems well - no noise as of yet.  So Just wanted to thank all that helped with advice and moral support.  One other thing - Been having a problem with slight overheating, and no heat in the cabin.  I found what looked to be plastic chucks in the bleeder hose returning to the expansion tank?  I'm wondering if this has partially clogged the radiator and heater core?  Anyone had this happen?  I worry where it came from, It almost looks like the brown plastic from the heater core ends or from the expansion tank.  I can't see the heater core, but I can see the expansion tank and it is still in good shape.  I would think it would take alot of this crap to plug a heater core and a radiator, don't you guys?  Anyway, thanks again.


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