[V8] Door closing / window problem, Could use suggestions..

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 22:33:37 PDT 2009

So, I finally found out for sure why my driver's side door sounds very
terrible when it closes and has trouble doing so.
My Drivers side Window when raised goes up too much.  It looks like it
should stop about 1/4in less than it does, and it keeps going and sort of
jumps track and nudges itself all funny like into the top.  This apparently
makes the upper door frame a bit off-skew and then the door locking
mechanism is not allowed to easily close, because the upper part mates with
the door jamb before the rest of the door does.

Ok, if your still with me, basically I need to make the window auto-stop a
smidge sooner so that I can relieve the strain it causes on the upper door
frame.  I am not sure If I can just adjust the window regulator down a bit,
or what, but the good news is at least the door is apart right now.

P.s.  Man, those little bose boxes for the speakers are cool!

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