[V8] Door closing / window problem, Could use suggestions..

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 31 08:42:28 PDT 2009

The first thing I'd be checking is the pins/slider tracks that guide the 
window up and down. It sounds to me like one of them are broken. If the 
window is held in square, there is no reason that it won't line up at the 
top end of it's travel with the frame. There is no "stop" in the mechanism, 
just that it runs into the top of the frame and seals up. If you hold the 
button down on the other windows, you will notice that the motors are still 
getting power, but cannot push past the sealing point because the frame is 
stronger than the window motor. That is also why there are springs on either 
side of the window winder mechanism.


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Subject: [V8] Door closing / window problem, Could use suggestions..

> So, I finally found out for sure why my driver's side door sounds very
> terrible when it closes and has trouble doing so.
> My Drivers side Window when raised goes up too much.  It looks like it
> should stop about 1/4in less than it does, and it keeps going and sort of
> jumps track and nudges itself all funny like into the top.  This 
> apparently
> makes the upper door frame a bit off-skew and then the door locking
> mechanism is not allowed to easily close, because the upper part mates 
> with
> the door jamb before the rest of the door does.
> Ok, if your still with me, basically I need to make the window auto-stop a
> smidge sooner so that I can relieve the strain it causes on the upper door
> frame.  I am not sure If I can just adjust the window regulator down a 
> bit,
> or what, but the good news is at least the door is apart right now. 

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