[V8] Bad Front Wheel Bearings(non Audi)

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On Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:35:35 -0600, Dave Saad wrote:

>I am pretty sure a clunker car may have any body parts sold, in fact I  
>think the entire body could be sold whole and complete, but the motor  
>has to be physically destroyed.

The engine HAS to be destroyed via the sodium silicate method BEFORE the car leaves the dealer property.

The ENTIRE CAR has to be in the crusher within a fixed time limit. I believe it's currently 180 days from PAYMENT by the guv'ment for the 
clunker. The dealer can sell the car to a recycler ( has to meet gov'ment standards etc) but then THEY (salvage company) are on the hook for
the destruction of the car. 
One of the local yards here has over 4000 cars waiting to be "recycled" and they can't work them fast enough to actually get many parts off them.
The PENALTY for failing to crush them in time is  something like $15,000 PER CAR.

If you do the math 1 million ( give or take the CFC count) cars at even 2 hrs per car for easy parts you can see why not many parts are going to be 

They are loading them in the crusher 24/7 just to avoid the fines.

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