[V8] ANOTHER UPDATE Engine Trouble (v6 - but still Audi)

Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 31 18:49:43 PDT 2009

I've done about as much diagnosis on this car as I care to do, especially since it is free work.  Anyway, I have basically narrowed it down to a bad ECU.  I need a new one - it is a 1995 90 with front wheel drive and it is automatic, it does not have traction control.  I say this because I need an ECU and I would prefer that it it come from a car with those exact specs, because if it doesn't then I will have to re-code the ecu.  If I can't find one like that, then does anybody have a vagcom that I could borrow for a few days?  Thanks.


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