[V8] It's Time............to sell the V8

Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
Mon Sep 7 14:55:26 PDT 2009

The day is finally here, I just don't have the time to keep up with the
V8 anymore.   Wanted to see if anyone on the list is interested before I
put on Ebay or Autotrader. 

Details:  1990 V8 Pearl, approx 200k miles. gray sport interior in very
good shape except for driver seat which shows normal wear.  Body is a
little rough, needs some paint, had always planned on painting the car,
just never had time.  Needs new front bumper cover, lost battle with
huge raccoon.  Front end and hood need repaint.  Left rear wheel arch
has a damage that needs repair and repaint.  Rear bumper paint started
peeling off, removed remainder with pressure washer, needs repaint.
Also small dent/tear on interior of rear bumper cover by tow eye from a
big rock kicked up by rear wheel.  Right rear window motor needs
attention, passenger side needs lock kit. 

Keith did the last timing belt at 160K.  He also installed a new rebuilt
rack, new valve cover gaskets, and new emergency brake cables at that
time.  Motor runs strong, has standard leaks, right front mystery leak
and I think rear main is  leaking.  Has 17" S4 wheels, these wheels have
a 45MM offset so I installed 25mm H&R wheel spacers to make up for the
10mm difference to the stock offset and to push out the tires/wheels
another 15mm, gives the car a nice look.  Needs new tires, currently
running 245/45 17 Hancook  Ventus VR4.  Have factory wheels in decent
shape with worn mounted tires.  Have the factory manual in two large 3
ring binders and have the Ross Tech VAG COM cable to hook up to a laptop
to read codes, etc.  Have leather book for owners manual, etc.  Have 3
original Audi wool 4 ring floor mats in great shape, drivers mat was
ruined by steering rack seal failure.  

Features: relayed Euro headlights, new fuel pump, new heater core, new
speed sensor, recent timing and crank sensors, recent new hyd pump, Koni
Sport Adj Struts(have about 30K on them), new Zimmerman drilled
rotors-less than 20K, new headliner(didn't do the sunroof and now its
coming off), Sony CD player and mp3 input, rebuilt Bose head unit and
all speakers rebuilt, new battery, new plug wires a couple years ago.
AC just quit, think it's the clutch, no time to fix, converted to R134
last year.  All hyd hoses have been rebuilt by Spokane hose over the

See link for photos below.  Contact me off list for questions or to make
an offer.  The car is in the Kansas City area.  Runs and drives fine.
Hate to see it go, I've really enjoyed this car for the last 8 years,
puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.  

Bob Korn



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