[V8] 1990 V8Q shifting WAY too hard

Brian K. Ullrich bullrich at ullrichsys.com
Tue Sep 8 20:57:18 PDT 2009

I just acquired a 1990 model V8Q from the Chicago area. It's an automatic,
and it is shifting into 2nd and 3rd like someone is hitting it with a
sledgehammer. It does this shifting both up and down. All other shifts seem
pretty smooth.

It does it in both Sport and Economy mode. It is much more pronounced when
more power is applied. When starting off under low power, the up-shift seems
far less "bangy" in 2nd and 3rd (to coin a phrase from my son) then when
under normal power, when it seems like I just got hit from behind. When
downshifting, I often hear a "CLANG" from the tranny.

I know virtually nothing about automatic trannys. Can someone help? 


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