[V8] Another auto transmission question/issue

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Thu Sep 10 05:48:32 PDT 2009

Forgot - no there was no strong order of any sort.

On 9/10/09, 7013885254 <chance9121 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I know I've heard mention of the 'Marbles' description a few times.
> You mentioned wetness... Is it trans fluid for sure?  Or, perhaps more like
> heavy gear oil?  A strong smell to it, and thick?
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> Subj: [V8] Another auto transmission question/issue
> Haven't posted in many, many moons but have been lurking much more lately to
> try and pick up where I left off so to speak.
> On the way home today I noticed a pronounced 'buzzing' from under the car,
> that grew to what I would describe as a whine.  Got under the car and it is
> definitely coming from the transmission.  From underneath it was
> surprisingly wet (hadn't noticed any spots on the driveway at all) and
> sounded like there were a few marbles right behind and possibly above the
> exhaust cross-member by the tranny pan.  I live on a hill and I also noticed
> a shudder or stumble shifting from 1st to 2nd but not from 2nd to 3rd.  I
> have the tranny dipstick, looked a little low so I added a quart, then drove
> it around a little and the sounds were not as pronounced.
> Based on the 'hard shift' post and advice to remove pan, clean and replace
> filter/fluid, I'm thinking that would be my first course of action as well.
> Make sense?  Any other ideas or WAGs?  This came completely out of the blue
> so I'm really hoping it isn't the beginning of the end of my tranny....
> Thanks in advance!
> DaveM
> 90 V8Q Pearl
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