[V8] Brake issue, reservoir grommets - follow up.

John Bysinger doog at bysinger.net
Tue Sep 15 13:15:47 PDT 2009

So thanks to folks here I was able to get the grommets I needed, and in the
process found a german auto repair shop 2 blocks from work, very handy!  But
unfortunately the disintegrated grommets took out the seals in the master
cylinder.  So last night I replaced the MC then flushed and bled the lines
and now back in working order.

But I also wanted to throw out a big thanks to the list.  I generally don't
post a lot here unless I can't find what I need through an archive search
here and through google.  (95% of the time I find the solution in the
archives here!)  But this list never ceases to amaze me, both in
resourcefulness and in the odd ability for topics to coincide with my needs.

As an example, now that I've completed my brake issues, the next two items
on my list are troubleshooting an occasional center diff lockup, and get my
windows back in working order.  (I disconnected the switches for the rears
out of frustration some time last year.)  And conveniently there are two
great threads this last week on both topics with solid troubleshooting
advice.  So once again I don't need to post the question, someone else has
done it for me.  Instead I thought I would post a thank you instead.

So to all of you who have hundreds of hours digging into these machines and
take the time to write out thorough replies to the list, thanks again, it's
people like you that keep the frustration levels down for the rest of us!


On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 7:52 PM, John Bysinger <doog at bysinger.net> wrote:

> So the 1990 started leaking brake fluid so after seeing a large repair bill
> flash in front of my eyes, I thought I would take a look.  And well, found
> the problem!  The two rubber grommets under the master cylinder reservoir
> have completely and totally disintegrated.  Things might as well have been
> made out of play-dough.  I tried doing a bit of hunting online and was only
> successful at finding replacement MCs, which at $400+ are a bit more than I
> should be spending right now.  Anyone got a part number or maybe a
> recomendation on an alternate make replacement I could pick up at the local
> parts-whores?
> Thanks in advance!
> -John
> '90V8Q

john at bysinger.net

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