[V8] Downeast Ramble?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Wed Sep 16 05:26:54 PDT 2009

Well, it is more or less official. My wife has approved so we are starting
something new....I think.  It's called "The Downeast Ramble", and I hope
that we will run it in October 2010, but 2011 might be necessary since I
dunno whether or not there will be any help or support.  

What it is.  Well, simply put, it is an old time touring car event for the
budget conscious.  I have been reading about the California Melee which just
ended. That event was 750 miles of touring through the California redwood
country, ending near San Francisco.  A very low budget affair, the only real
requirement was that all cars had to be older than 1975.  This will be the
case for the "Downeast Ramble", as it is tentatively called.

I am guessing here as it is very early, but this rally will include an
interesting mix of town and country such as is only found in Maine:  NO
Generica need apply!

This will be a three day event and will be a strictly low budget affair,
with no high end resort stops or gourmet dining.  In fact, the lodging and
dining part will be very tricky as the area isn't overdeveloped at all. This
might end up being a thousand miles in total, but I haven't even looked at a
map yet, nor driven one inch to test out the theory.  

Since I have a certain vested interest, I am thinking about one "special
class" for Audi V8's, but I kinda think the only V8 that will actually show
up will be the event organizers.  But the class might be there anyway.

I am interested in input from this list.  It will be an entertaining three
days, running vintage Triumph's, MG's and perhaps the errant Audi 100LS or
some such for a thousand miles through rural Maine, enjoying the sights of
foliage and wandering moose.  What do you think?


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