[V8] Downeast Ramble?

diemarthadie at aol.com diemarthadie at aol.com
Wed Sep 16 07:18:08 PDT 2009

How about a special class for 90's vintage special edition imports (say 
US sales of under 5000)?

That would let in the V8s (and my Miata...) and maybe a few other 
interesting things.

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Roger Woodbury wrote:

> Since I have a certain vested interest, I am thinking about one 

> class" for Audi V8's, but I kinda think the only V8 that will 
actually show

> up will be the event organizers.  But the class might be there anyway.

The Gauntlet has been thrown! I accept the challenge.

Since my '56 Austin-Healey won't be ready in time, I'll have to show up

in my '90 Audi V8 5-speed.


Kent McLean

1999 A4 Avant, V6 Tiptronic

1991 200 TQA #3, with mods

1990 V8 w/5-speed and other mods

gone: '91 200 TQA x2, '94 100 S Avant, '89 200 TQ "Bad Puppy"

1956 Austin-Healey 100 BN2, waiting to restored


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