[V8] Downeast Ramble?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 16 11:02:37 PDT 2009

I think I'd love to be there. If I'm working anywhere in the area (In VA right now, close enough) I'll probably pick up an older car (think Audi Fox, or something of the sort) and drive at least part of it. Keep us informed.


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>Subject: [V8] Downeast Ramble?
>Since I have a certain vested interest, I am thinking about one "special
>class" for Audi V8's, but I kinda think the only V8 that will actually show
>up will be the event organizers.  But the class might be there anyway.
>I am interested in input from this list.  It will be an entertaining three
>days, running vintage Triumph's, MG's and perhaps the errant Audi 100LS or
>some such for a thousand miles through rural Maine, enjoying the sights of
>foliage and wandering moose.  What do you think?

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