[V8] Downeast Ramble?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 16 15:34:56 PDT 2009

The irony is that I actually live in Houston, so they are pretty close. And, I have five acres in OK with several older Audi's there already. But, I'll have a hard time justifying buying them, and either way want to give Brian first shot since he mentioned them already, and lives right there.

What I'm thinking though, is that I'd just buy something older and local that I could drive in the "rally", then either resell it or drive it back to OK when I'm done out on the east coast. But, that all depends on when this will be and where I happen to be. 


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>Tony and Lillie wrote:
> > I think I'd love to be there. If I'm working anywhere in the area (In VA
> > right now, close enough) I'll probably pick up an older car (think Audi
> > Fox, or something of the sort) and drive at least part of it.
>You're in luck:
>Of course, Dallas isn't close to you, VA, or Maine.  But it can be driven. :)
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