[V8] 5spd V8 in marketplace, a few Q's

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 Is this the burgandy 5spd in chicago?? If so, I supplied the 3.6 ABT chipped computer for it from my now detuned ex's (pun intended) '91, and got a few rides in it too, and have known the seller for almost 10 years now...? It is an original 91 vin 5spd, that had a relatively low mile 4.2 put in it.? The the 3.6 wiring went on to the 4.2 motor.? That's the most common flavor in these swaps.? I have an ABT 4.2 chip in my 92 auto, and I know from the interest, there just aren't a lot of those around.

A 4.2 swap into a 4.2 car is a big job, a 4.2 swap into a 3.6 is even bigger.? For reference, I'm sure most of those that have done this swap, paid more for the swap than the seller is asking for the whole car.

I'm surprised it's still available for sale.? I can certainly attest the seller is a well seasoned quattro owner and decent mechanic in his own right.? IMO, it's priced very-right, and I could care less if it has had a TB service...? At that price it doesn't need to have it done from the sellers perspective.

I'm hoping my first and only public post on a car for sale, doesn't set some sort of precedent for me.

HTH, cheers and my .02

Scott J
92 v8 4.2 ABT chipped



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Not sure if this guy is on the list, but I wanted to pass this by everyone
and see what they think.
I haven't asked if its an original 5 speed, but if anyone would know it'd be
Mr Wainwright (que entrance)
but I have a friend who is somewhat interested.  I'm thinking its a bit
high. and am concerned about a possible
4.2 and 5spd swap.  a lot could go wrong there.

Anyway, the misspelling of Enhancements makes me wonder.. haha.

So, what I've told him, is that starting where most would like to end up, is
always nice.
If it had the 4.2 wiring (double O2 sensors) with ABT chip, good exhaust,
3.6 manifold,
5speed, and a great color and nice interior, and no other quirks (no mention
of the T belt job...)
what do you guys think?  Worth it?

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