[V8] My V8

Pete Burger petesbodyshop at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 17 05:08:26 PDT 2009

Well, I guess that I should say something on my behalf. When you buy a vehicle, you get what you get from the prevous owner, and when I bought the 2 V8's  I didn't get any paperwork, I had to trust my own senses and diagnostic ability. I was leary of buying 2 cars I couldn't drive, so I did the next best thing and did a compression check on the donor, which had perfect compression. 

    As for me, yes, I am a massage therapist for a living, but my prevous career was mechanic for 12 years, and I still am a certified car nut, I have owned 20+ VWs and 3 5000Q, 2 200 20vta, 2 V8, one auto, 1 stick, and 1 95 cabriolet, also for sale. 

    I apologize to anyone I meet at Carlile, I had my teenage son, and my teenage acting dad with me, and neither wanted to hang out with the Audi guys and girls, so I seemed like a aloof jerk. Anyway, thats my .02  Panzeravant Pete

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