[V8] 5spd V8 in marketplace, a few Q's

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I don't remember 'backing' any car in my post - I get paid to do a pepurchase inspection before that usually happens.  I could care less what my old friend mark sold his for - ask him how much he had in it!  

Getting picky about a handful of known conversions sounds like a risky move to me....  nee stupid honestly.  at the price of this one in chicago - i'd talk a buyer out of spending money on me doing an inspection.  If it runs and drives - buy it.  I claim it's almost impossible to build one that cheap yourself.     

Timing belt?!  You're joking.  You met the guy sellling it?  The difference between that statement and mine?  I know the guy selling it.     Wasting  bandwidth discussing a 4500 4.2 5spd  converion is silly.  If you don't appreciate the value of such a car,  I claim a timing belt servie isn't going to help.  Find another audi all-together.

Mercy me

Scott 'shirley don't call me ron' J
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Scott, I have to say I'm quite surprised your backing this car. I know a 

little about the pair of cars it took to make this car, as well as seen it 

in person at Carlisle this past spring. I've a also met the owner, who by 

his own admission , is a misuse, not a mechanic. Let me just say this. Mark 

W. just sold his 91 5-spd 4.2 swapped,camed,recent head job with timing 

belt, new clutch, coiloverd suspension, s4 sport interior ect ect, for 

around the same money. Unfortunately, this is the economic climate we live 

in to day. Seeing this v8 first hand, and knowing what the arguably best 

sorted V8 5spd in the country just sold for , I have to say its not worth 

his asking price. It should at the very least, have a documented timing 

belt. Just my $.02

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> Is this the burgandy 5spd in chicago?? I

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