[V8] 5spd V8 in marketplace, a few Q's

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 08:38:04 PDT 2009

Sorry fellas, Didn't mean to start a pissing match.

I was just trying to get honest opinions.  Without seeing the vehicle in
question in person to go over every possible place leaks can spring from,
and feeling the transmission shift, and seeing how she handles, its pretty
hard to form a solid opinion one way or another.

I have gotten a good bit of information from the fella, and searching around
for E-trails of the car, and we figure we could mull it over for a bit, and
decide if the 4.2 swap is worth the extra 3k or so over the 5spd

At least the fella is being open and honest thus far, unlike the last guy
from Chicago whom I dealt with (and who sold me my... car?  Didn't
run/brake/shift when I got it)

Either way, I learned something new about the 4.2 ecu... bummer of a deal,
since the 4.2 wiring has the double O2 sensors and that is a true pain in my
case (3.6)

So, thanks for contributing, and since we are all apparently mechanics here,
except the Masseuse, erm, yea, nevermind.

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