[V8] Downeast Ramble?

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Thu Sep 17 09:17:01 PDT 2009


Sounds like another ambitious undertaking!

Even with lots of help, I would think this would be
a logistically difficult considering all the people who
descend into Maine in fall for foliage tours .. Land 
barges, bow to stern, in the high season.

A thousand mile ramble, might be out at least three
days, I would think .. When was the last time you
have run 300 + miles in a day, in a vintage, MG (B), 
Triumph, or the like?... I think some post 1975 flat 
beds might be advisable ! ,,, ;-)


Roger writes:

>  Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:26:54 -0400
>  From: "Roger Woodbury" <rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com>
>  Subject:  [V8] Downeast Ramble?
>  To: <v8 at audifans.com>
>  Well, it is more or less official. My wife has approved so we are 
>  something new....I think.  It's called "The Downeast Ramble", and I hope
>  that we will run it in October 2010, but 2011 might be necessary since I
>  dunno whether or not, there will be any help or support.  
>  What it is.  Well, simply put, it is an old time touring car event for 
>  budget conscious.  I have been reading about the California Melee which 
>  ended. That event was 750 miles of touring through the California redwood
>  country, ending near San Francisco.  A very low budget affair, the only 
>  requirement was that all cars had to be older than 1975.  This will be 
>  case for the "Downeast Ramble", as it is tentatively called.
>  I am guessing here as it is very early, but this rally will include an
>  interesting mix of town and country such as is only found in Maine:  NO
>  Generica need apply!
>  This will be a three day event and will be a strictly low budget affair,
>  with no high end resort stops or gourmet dining.  In fact, the lodging 
>  dining part will be very tricky as the area isn't overdeveloped at all. 
>  might end up being a thousand miles in total, but I haven't even looked 
at a
>  map yet, nor driven one inch to test out the theory.  
>  Since I have a certain vested interest, I am thinking about one "special
>  class" for Audi V8's, but I kinda think the only V8 that will actually 
>  up will be the event organizers.  But the class might be there anyway.
>  I am interested in input from this list.  It will be an entertaining 
>  days, running vintage Triumph's, MG's and perhaps the errant Audi 100LS 
>  some such for a thousand miles through rural Maine, enjoying the sights 
>  foliage and wandering moose.  What do you think?
>  Roger 
>  --------------------------


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