[V8] Downeast Ramble?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Thu Sep 17 12:14:09 PDT 2009

A surprising amount of positive response to the idea of a Downeast Ramble,
both from on this list and elsewhere.  Several things appear very clear at
this point.

First of all, the tentative dates for running this even will be October 14,
15 and 16, 2011.  That's two years away, and should provide ample time to
settle all of the route and logistical questions.  It will also mean that
the rally is well planned out to provide a terrific fall tour, whether it be
5, 6, 7 or more hundred miles.  

The format that will be followed will probably be self timing.  Each car
will arrive and depart from each checkpoint in their own time.  The only
timing for actual points and penalties will be done at the end of each
stage, I think.  Each team will turn in their own times for each leg, and
the times turned in will be compared against official times.  The timing car
will log in each vehicle at the end of each stage, and total times will be
compared to the official stage time.  Points will be accumulated for each
time over or under logged for each checkpoint and for the entire stage.

One big drawback to this formula is that there will not be any cutsey tricks
that get cars coming through checkpoints headed in the wrong direction,
which is something that my rallys used to specialize in in the "old days",
back along the dawn of time.  If there is enough support, there might be a
chase car, too, but I dunno about that yet... waaaaaay too soon.

Yes, it will be difficult and interesting at the same time to see how many
vintage car drivers really want to (a) drive up to Maine, and then (b) take
on Maine in October, in a rain or shine 1000 mile or so, rally.  This will
be a legal speed event only, of course...more a tour than a real, time speed
distance event, and the emphasis will be on enjoying the moment rather than
be "first" across the line.

So far, I do have some interest from a guy in Texas who thinks that a group
of his fellows in a vintage sports car club might convoy up to Maine to take
part.  There is a similar event in North Carolina the first weekend in
October, so such events do take place and having one in Maine just might
bring out enough crazies to make setting it up a reasonable venture.

Still to be considered will be the entrance fees and whether or not they
will include lodging and banquet (as has been suggested), or not.
Certainly the stages will need to end where there is sufficient lodging to
accommodate all of the entrants. I think I have that part figured out

There will definitely be two classes.  There will be one class for
automobiles built prior to 1976. This is the main class.  There will also be
a "special" class for Audi V8 Quattro's only.  In the main class, any
vehicle will be allowed, so long as it is street legal, properly registered
and insured, and was built for model year 1975 and prior.  

This sounds like such a yummy party that I have already spent an hour or so
looking through the pre-1976 auctions on eBay....but just don't tell my wife
because I haven't built her kitchen,  yet.


P.S.  The first thing to do is to launch a website, and that should get done
before the end of the year, hopefully.  

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Sounds like another ambitious undertaking!

Even with lots of help, I would think this would be
a logistically difficult considering all the people who
descend into Maine in fall for foliage tours .. Land 
barges, bow to stern, in the high season.

A thousand mile ramble, might be out at least three
days, I would think .. When was the last time you
have run 300 + miles in a day, in a vintage, MG (B), 
Triumph, or the like?... I think some post 1975 flat 
beds might be advisable ! ,,, ;-)


Roger writes:

>  Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:26:54 -0400
>  From: "Roger Woodbury" <rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com>
>  Subject:  [V8] Downeast Ramble?
>  To: <v8 at audifans.com>
>  Well, it is more or less official. My wife has approved so we are 
>  something new....I think.  It's called "The Downeast Ramble", and I hope
>  that we will run it in October 2010, but 2011 might be necessary since I
>  dunno whether or not, there will be any help or support.  
>  What it is.  Well, simply put, it is an old time touring car event for 
>  budget conscious.  I have been reading about the California Melee which 
>  ended. That event was 750 miles of touring through the California redwood
>  country, ending near San Francisco.  A very low budget affair, the only 
>  requirement was that all cars had to be older than 1975.  This will be 
>  case for the "Downeast Ramble", as it is tentatively called.
>  I am guessing here as it is very early, but this rally will include an
>  interesting mix of town and country such as is only found in Maine:  NO
>  Generica need apply!
>  This will be a three day event and will be a strictly low budget affair,
>  with no high end resort stops or gourmet dining.  In fact, the lodging 
>  dining part will be very tricky as the area isn't overdeveloped at all. 
>  might end up being a thousand miles in total, but I haven't even looked 
at a
>  map yet, nor driven one inch to test out the theory.  
>  Since I have a certain vested interest, I am thinking about one "special
>  class" for Audi V8's, but I kinda think the only V8 that will actually 
>  up will be the event organizers.  But the class might be there anyway.
>  I am interested in input from this list.  It will be an entertaining 
>  days, running vintage Triumph's, MG's and perhaps the errant Audi 100LS 
>  some such for a thousand miles through rural Maine, enjoying the sights 
>  foliage and wandering moose.  What do you think?
>  Roger 
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