[V8] showing off your V8

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Sun Sep 20 02:22:20 PDT 2009

I exchanged emails with this Ms Toysen, "communications specialist" and
received an encouraging replay requesting that I email some pictures, which
I did.  She thanked me for the pictures and said that they would be in
further contact.  That was the end of the matter.

No further "communications" from the "communications specialist".

I am DISimpressed.  I initiated contact, made a good faith offer to allow my
car to be transported across the country and placed in the hands of who
knows who, and I think at least I deserved a final response. Sarah expressed
in interest in my car, principally due to it low miles, I think.

 While I wasn't holding my breath, the best word that I can think of to use
is "unprofessional".  I think I deserve the courtesy of a final disposition
to the whole event/display/show....whatever.  Mind you I never thought about
booking a flight to San Francisco to see it all.  

Oh, well.  The only "modern" Audis that I would even THINK of looking at,
are the S6 from the 2002-3, and maybe, MUST MAYBE an A8, although I am not a
fan of the bulbous, BIG GERMAN ASS look of the A8/S8 sedans.  

Serve them right if my next car is a Chevy....


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