[V8] Excessive Oil and Emission Pressure

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Tue Sep 22 17:01:22 PDT 2009

Hi bob, that would be my 93, which now is in it's "fine"  
period....just in time to sell it.  I drove it around this week while  
fixing some of the little annoyances and it barely smoked/used no  
measurable oil.  So does your pressure gauge stay "pegged" at idle.   
If it does, before assuming you've got excessive pressure, you might  
want to test the oil pressure switch/oil pressure.  A friend just  
spent a bunch of time/money getting his 87 Quantum Syncro back on the  
road, and since it always ran a bit hot, re-cored the radiator,might  
as well put in a new pump with the new hoses...etc.  After replacing  
all that, it still ran "hot".....last thing he replaced was the temp  
sender.....and problem was solved.....he just "thought" it was  
running hot.  You might just have an oil leak like most of the other  
cars(except my 5-speed which is still leak free,for now)   ;-()....    
I noticed in the book there's an "oil cooler thermostat"....not  
totally sure what would happen when that fails to open or close.     
What about the oil retention valves...what happens when they don't  
open?  I'd start with verifying that you actually have excessive  
pressure/try and locate the leak(s).

Could the whine you hear be your fuel pump?.....Kinda sounds like a  
really slow goose "honk"....My 93's got it and I can hear it in the  
cabin,should be louder in the trunk.  On my old saab it was only the  
check valve on the pump, but many here have replaced their pumps.   
Good luck...Tom

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