[V8] Excessive Oil and Emission Pressure

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Sep 23 09:31:07 PDT 2009

Well, Ville, I read your idea about the gas cap and I went out and  
switched caps and I didn't hear the noise!  I got excited and started  
to write a reply, then figured I'd better actually warm the car up  
and drive it around.....Heard the noise again within a few  
blocks......so it's not the cap in my situation.  Mine's coming from  
under the fuel pump plate and I'm confident that it's either the  
pump, or maybe just the check valve like the my old saab.  The saab I  
rebuilt for my girlfriend's daughter also made the same noise, and it  
came with a spare fuel pump.  When I went to replace it, I noticed  
the "prepump" harness(2 pumps) was disconnected....plugged it in and  
noise went away.
I noticed in the manual that there's also something called a "Venting  
and breather valve"....and a Gravity valve....hmmmm venting and  
breather valve...that sounds like something that could make my  
noise.  Book shows it on top of tank,inside of a larger "support  
hose".  Anybody seen this valve before?  By the diagram, it looks  
like 1 more thing to be passed on to the new owner, but since a few  
of you have the same noise, it would be nice to figure out if it's   
not a $150 fuel pump...Tom

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