[V8] Fuel tank whine

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Wed Sep 23 11:56:39 PDT 2009

Yea I have when too but when running.  Mine is a loud buzzing more than a whine.

I took everything aparr and found a film on the in tank filter/pickup and also a good bit of sediment on the bottom near and under the pickup.  My guess is the whine is from either the restricted suction or the fuelpump overworking itself.  I cleaned all I could with gloves and a magnet but it started hissing again (better word for it hissing is) not a week later.  I need to drop and disassemble the tank to fix this issue I think.

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Date: 9/23/09 2:39 pm
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Subj: [V8] Fuel tank whine
Regarding the fuel tank "whine" - had the same problem on my '93.  Car quit
running, replaced fuel pump only, car runs fine now - but - still has that
confounded whine!!
Rich Ehlert
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