[V8] For sale:Original '91 5 speed with 4.2 installed

gerald skulley gskulley at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 24 16:55:41 PDT 2009


Hi All,


Regrettably it is time to put my 1991 5 speed up for sale.


Some details: 


Original California 1991 5 speed VIN 002331. Appox 160k miles on car. 

Car is located in Santa Cruz CA.

4.2 installed with approx 40K miles. Timing belt done at time of install Less than 10K since 4.2 installed

New motor mounts, radiator, clutch, pressure plate, brakes, etc 

Car is Titanium metallic with  black interior. Car would most probably need paint.

Many spares. May be included or sell separately.


Factory 16” BBS wheels…with original Pearl centers

Spare new 5 speed drive shaft.

Set of rebuilt 3.6 cylinder heads. Plus too much to list.


Known areas needing attention beside paint:


Anti lock brake lite on. Told it needs new wheel sensors. Main unit checks out OK

Front cam seals may be leaking.


If interested pls contact me off line for full details at gwskulley at yahoo.com


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