[V8] Excessive Oil and Emission Pressure

ville.hiivola at suomi24.fi ville.hiivola at suomi24.fi
Sun Sep 27 12:45:04 PDT 2009

Well, i think i found out the problem. Few days ago my car wouldn't 
start and i found out fuel pump wasn't working, so i replaced it. Well 
the whine didn't go with that. But then i noticed that the 
"breathing/venting valve" was making the sound. It's the one connected 
to the line going to the tank cover. I took that valve out and tested 
it with vacuum pump. I was able to make the valve do the "whine" by 
aplying vacuum in one direction and restring it a bit. I'm not quite 
sure if this valve is basicly a check valve, or what it's purpose is.. 
But it was flowing in both directions, so i suspect it wasn't working 
correctly. Anyways i had one check valve handy so i replaced it with 
that and now the whine seems to be gone..
I hope this helps.


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>Well, Ville, I read your idea about the gas cap and I went out and  
>switched caps and I didn't hear the noise!  I got excited and 
>to write a reply, then figured I'd better actually warm the car up  
>and drive it around.....Heard the noise again within a few  
>blocks......so it's not the cap in my situation.  Mine's coming 
>under the fuel pump plate and I'm confident that it's either the  
>pump, or maybe just the check valve like the my old saab.  The saab 
>rebuilt for my girlfriend's daughter also made the same noise, and 
>came with a spare fuel pump.  When I went to replace it, I noticed  
>the "prepump" harness(2 pumps) was disconnected....plugged it in 
>noise went away.
>I noticed in the manual that there's also something called a 
>and breather valve"....and a Gravity valve....hmmmm venting and  
>breather valve...that sounds like something that could make my  
>noise.  Book shows it on top of tank,inside of a larger "support  
>hose".  Anybody seen this valve before?  By the diagram, it looks  
>like 1 more thing to be passed on to the new owner, but since a few  
>of you have the same noise, it would be nice to figure out if it's   
>not a $150 fuel pump...Tom
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