[V8] Excessive Emissions Pressures

bw at UDel.Edu bw at UDel.Edu
Sun Sep 27 17:53:29 PDT 2009

Good work finding the venting/breather valve! My '93 has this  slight occasional 
fog horn sound I always felt was due to a pressurized fuel line/tank related to 
some carbon canister malfunction. Where exactly is this valve? My manual shows a   
valve on top of the fuel pump, but it is just called a check valve. 
  Could someone tell me how to remove the two small square covers over the allen 
bolts near the passenger air bag. I am removing the dash pad to get to the ignition 
switch. Thanks, for any hints to minimize steps necessary for this removal. I read 
thru the archives,but no mention of the covers. It must be obvious, but I am trying 
to keep it neat...

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