[V8] Lest ye think V8s aren't appreciated...

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Nice story Ingo


There are allot of people out there that like the look of these cars . 


Have many of you got people coming up and asking about your cars ?? 


it's funny since I got my new rims and the Muffler mod , I've been approached by strangers at the gas station. they say nice car or what type of Audi is it ? Not like three years ago when people would say " hey you car is smokin " ( oil leak on exhaust )     superdave 
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> Subject: [V8] Lest ye think V8s aren't appreciated...
> I participated in a rather loosely-judged (every participant voted by cheers/applause) German Car Show where the categories were by color. This was held at German-American Marksman Club in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Only one award (blue ribbon) was given in each group -- and I got the one out of 7 cars for my pearl white throaty '91 V8 5 speed with it's unmistakable rumble. 
> Even more remarkable was the fact that my competitors included a classic 1930s Rolls Royce drop top and a Porsche 356C :D
> Ingo Rautenberg
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