[V8] Dash Pad Removal for Ignition Switch Replacement

bw at UDel.Edu bw at UDel.Edu
Tue Sep 29 08:47:23 PDT 2009

Hi,   To get to the ignition switch I have taken out all the 5mm Allen bolts that hold 
the dash pad onto the aluminum frame, including the ones in the center vent and 
under the cluster lip. 
  The dash is free to move forward, but is hanging up under the pad about 1/3 over 
from the right side of the dash with a  metallic interference click. Has anyone had 
to overcome an obstacle sliding out the dash? Any hints here (where to place a bar 
etc) would ease the frustration of this job that is far from complete.
   My mechanic thinks he would have taken out the two bolt connection to the 
steering rack and pulled the steering column out and over into the left footwell. 
Has anyone had any experience in the repair of only the electrical ignition switch?  
Thanks,  Bob 

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