[V8] Dash Pad Removal for Ignition Switch Replacement

NIck Miller chance9121 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 09:23:48 PDT 2009

I'm afraid this is all I could find..
I think you just yank on her a bit, but I'm just afraid I'm not certain,
sorry.  I'm pretty sure I know what is holding you up,
its just these white plastic tabs, and they are the kind of which you'd push
in and they have a little lip that locks into a tab, so they don't come back
out easily.  Hopefully someone who did this more recently than 5 months ago
can pitch in.

Pull the vent grills on top of the dash pad. Use a flat blade screwdriver to
pry them up. Now be careful cause ONLY the grill part you can pull... you'll
see a few straight vent looking things in front of the grills.. DO NOT pry
on those cause you'll break them. There will be one 4mm Allen head screw on
each once you pull the grills.

Then pull both sides of the dash pad. There will be a Allen head screw on
the bottom (4mm). Once they are removed you pull down & out. I have found
removing the door trim that surrounds the opening rite on the side of those
dash pices will make it easier to remove & to put them back.

Now you have to pull three of the dash vents. starting from P-side it'll be
the inner (most left), then the 1st of the three center vents gets pulled &
the end (nearest d-door). Once they are pulled you'll see a Phillips head
screw up there (4mm).

Now you can remove the top section of the column covers. Under each side
there'll be a small hole were there are two Phillips screws. Once the screws
are removed you'll be able to take the top section of the cover off.
 Once that's off you'll see a Allen head screw (4mm)

There is another 4mm Allen head screw in the DEF vent @ the bottom of the
windshield rite in the middle...most nearest to the windshield.

 Then there'll be an 4mm allen head screw rite near the IC itself. You
should see the little hole on the underside of the circle... rite near the
plastic cover for the cluster... rite in line to the speedo.  [/quote]

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