[Vwdiesel] Black smoke - low power

Jim Arnott jrasite at eoni.com
Sun Aug 11 17:04:43 EDT 2002

Here's the latest:

Finally took the '82 wabbit powered Westy for a 20 mile highway trip.
45mph MAX.  Lots of black smoke. Injection pump is timed at .85mm, new
air cleaner, fresh fuel. The one "thing wrong" that I know of at this
point is I have the wrong glow plug relay.  I have a fast-glow system
and a slow-glow relay. Beyond that, all is correct AFAIK.

What do I do now? Perhaps the Rabbit motor requires a different timing?

(For those on the vwdiesel list, allow me to introduce myself and
vehicle:  I'm Jim Arnott, list administrator of the WetWesties list.
I've been involved with VWs for the past 30 years and currently own '82
and '83.5 Vanagons and a '77 ASI Riviera. I recently acquired an '82
Diesel Westy that had been sitting for a while.  This acquisition is my
first foray into the oil burning world other than keeping a Bobcat
running in 30 below weather.

The Westy had been re-engined with a Rabbit motor but never run
following the install. Mark Drillock on the yahoogroups Diesel list was
kind enough to supply the correct Vanagon injection pump to replace the
Rabbit one that wouldn't clear the engine cover. He also took the time
and trouble to hold my hand (even though we're a thousand mile distant
from each other) through the pump swap. So, it runs.  Starts right up.
Idles smoothly with little smoke.  And that brings us to the above

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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