[Vwdiesel] Black smoke - low power

Jim Arnott jrasite at eoni.com
Sun Aug 11 22:27:21 EDT 2002

So the question logically arises... Do I set the pump for the motor or
for the pump?  Vanagon spec (pump) .86mm +/- .02 or the Rabbit spec
(motor) .92mm

And repeating an earlier question, should I pin the pump pulley to
assure TDC? (Rotate back, zero, rotate to TDC, pin, adjust timing.) The
TDC notch is a quarter inch wide! Parallax makes it difficult to
determine just exactly when it's at TDC.


Harmon Seaver wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 08:15:15PM -0700, Jim Arnott wrote:
>>Not on the list...
>>VE R 48-2
>>068 130 108K
>>When I rechecked the timing this afternoon, I found it at .95, I backed
>>it down .82mm.  Is that advancing or retarding the pump?  Bentley says
>>Vanagon spec is .78-.88 with optimum setting @ .86 +/- .02
>    You're going the wrong way. More advance -- more degrees.

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