[Vwdiesel] Black smoke - low power

Mary Beth and Chris Geiser geiser at execpc.com
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	In the Vanagons, there's a plastic tab that pops out to let you
see the flywheel, but the tab housing also screws out for a bigger
opening where you will then see the "V" mark for timing it.... You may
just be looking in the smaller hole, where you never see the "V"...

Also, the condition of the pump will make a big difference in these
vehicles... you will see the effects of a tired old pump in a Vanagon
long before you will see it in a Rabbit.

Jim Arnott [jrasite at eoni.com]
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> So the question logically arises... Do I set the pump for the motor or
>  for the pump?  Vanagon spec (pump) .86mm +/- .02 or the Rabbit spec
>  (motor) .92mm

  Always time the engine for the pump it has.  If the orange sticker is
on the vehicle, use the numbers it gives, providing it's the vehicle the
came from.   :)  I've seen .86mm for Rabbits, in Bentley but all the
stickers I've seen said .88mm.  I sort of seemed to remember different
numbers for the Vanagon.  Now I know for sure!  :)
>  And repeating an earlier question, should I pin the pump pulley to
>  assure TDC? (Rotate back, zero, rotate to TDC, pin, adjust timing.)
>  TDC notch is a quarter inch wide! Parallax makes it difficult to
>  determine just exactly when it's at TDC.

  The TDC mark should be a "v" right above a "0".  It's a good, accurate
mark except for the parallax.  Unless, again the Vanagon is different!
You shouldn't need to pin the pump to adjust the timing.  You just
the bolts and rotate it.  The pin fit has a little slop to it, so the
check for TDC is the "v" mark.
  If you're using one of the "tabs" that are a few degrees to either
side of
the "v" notch then your timing will be way off as Scot suspects.  If
the case, you might want to recheck your cam timing as well.
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