[Vwdiesel] 1.9td

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 17 01:42:42 EDT 2002

Okay... a question for the engine swappers out there.  What PITA should I be
prepared for when trying to drop a complete 1994 A3 Jetta 1.9 litre td and 5
speed trans into a Westmoreland wonder. I finally found a complete
powertrain (it sort of found me), not super cheap, but in good shape with
warranty.  I'll change clutch, rear seal and block heater first, but that's
about it (the plan as it currently exists).  I know about the downpipe
issues, will lay hands on factory one, or custom build as situation
dictates. Anything else I should expect to rear it's head? Oh yeah, radiator
size need to be bigger, right? The wiring is no trouble but if anyone has
the round multipin plug that goes on the motor by the vac pump, I'd like to
buy it.  It sure neatens things up to pull motor if need be. It looks so
much like a tdi, I thought it was for a second or two...

What to do about the 100mm axle flanges, any tricks?  Extend the splines on
a 90 mm axle to hold the 100mm cv joint? Changing the outboard ones to 100mm
sort of sucks in my opinion... they ain't broke...

If anyone knows of anything else, a heads up will be much appreciated.  I'll
be starting on it as soon as I get a buddy's car out of the shop- head
gasket on same engine in 93 Jetta.  Now here's a strange one- I just drove
this heap of his, out to the shop tonight from town.  I handles like you
were trying to balance the car on a basket ball. It's so skittish it's
dangerous, and he just loves the thing to death.  I'd better not let him
drive our Passat, he'll never get back into his Jetta. Gonna have to inspect
things well and check the toe. It's just nuts how lively it handles. very
scary. Makes my A2 Jetta feel like it's on rails.
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