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Wed Aug 21 12:09:29 EDT 2002

In a message dated 8/21/2002 6:18:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time, nwall at opei.org

> Can this be accessed w/ the transmission removed, or do I have to get to it
> after
>  prying out the big green metal pressfit cap w/ the VW logo on it? In two
> weeks,
>  the tranny (hopefully) will be out. I bought that seal from VW years ago
> when I
>  replaced the clutch, but never replaced it.

  The pushrod seal is in the end of the hollow, input shaft.  You access it
with the transmission removed.  Be sure the bushing isn't worn and check
both ends of the pushrod as well as checking it for being bent.  It happens.
Your clutch kit probably includes a new "push plate" so you don't need to
check the old one.  The hardened nub that the pushord rides against comes
loose often.
>  I bought a clutch kit from VW, amazingly for only $110. The pressure plate
>  (Sachs) is obviously remanufactured (has an "X" after the part no which
> indicates
>  this, and some pitting in unimportant areas). The disc is marked "Made in
> Mexico"
>  with no apparent brand name. Evidently NA and TD use the same clutch, as
> box is marked for both. Think this will be o.k.?

  Should work just fine.  I've found that there does seem to be a TD and an
NA pressure plate.  Discs seem to be the same though.  The TDs seem to
have more pedal pressure on them.  More than I like actually.

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