[Vwdiesel] Quote of the day

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Mon Aug 26 19:43:31 EDT 2002

    Before anyone detonates from the half-cock notch, the news report in
question is available at www.npr.org  .  You can listen to it through
realplayer or windows media player by going to "morning edition" and
scrolling through to "segment 14."
    It's what the news industry calls an in-depth story, so it runs over 8
minutes.  It has about as much balance as one can expect from any news
medium in the states- it wasn't all, thoroughly, completely bad, but it does
beg for a dipassionate, well-reasoned "yabbut," rather than an attack
    It would probably be of immense help if someone with more computer
expertise could explain how to download that sound file to a hard drive for
further study.  I'd expect NPR to archive it off to the memory hole about
tomorrow morning.
    Shalyn, if you can do it without getting distracted and totalling
something yet again :)  it would be quite helpful if you could catch the
address/ email address for Morning Edition and post it- I get to listen to
it all of about 5 minutes a day if I'm lucky.
    Let's kick this one around a little bit among ourselves and see if maybe
we can turn this into an opportunity for promoting Diesel.  Remember that
the main slam is against school busses, which are death traps to start with.
We just happened to have been collateral damage.

    Scott Kair

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