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Of course that is the opposite of what we learned about gas engines.  My
aircraft magnetos starting device retards the timing so that when (or IF)
the fuel lights off the prop is already "over the top" and it will continue
to turn the correct way.  They have been known to "kick back" when starting
cold without the device thus causing havoc with gears or arms if "hand

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>It DOES advance the pump timing and its either 5 or 7 (I forget) crankshaft degrees
>AT IDLE. at increasing RPMs the advance is less and at about 2,200 RPMs, the handle
>has no effect., . Here's the physics (thermodynamics).  At X timing, the fuel has X
>amount of time to burn in the cylinders. When the engine is cold, and its freezing
>outside, in order for the fuel too burn more completely (or even light off at all,
>if its REAL COLD) it needs more time to burn in the cylinder. Advancing the
>injection timing does just that--Injects it a little sooner, thus giving it more
>time to burn before the power stroke begins. I'm sure someone can explain this
>better than that.
>Harmon Seaver wrote:
>>    I just read somewhere that the cold start lever on the pump *advances* the
>> pump a bit for starting. This seems strange to me, I had assumed that it
>> *retarded* the pump a bit to make it easier to crank over. Which is it? And does
>> anyone know how many degrees it changes it?
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