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Wed Aug 28 23:52:00 EDT 2002

In a message dated 8/28/2002 6:17:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
krisa at subtend.net writes:

> Cranked and cranked until the battery died.  I guess now comes the hard
>  part.  Getting it to start (and troubleshooting the problem).

  Fill the injector pump with fuel.  :)  Pull the return line banjo bolt and
fill it
to the top and replace.  It takes a long time to prime the lines if they're
empty and even longer if the pump is empty.
>  I had the head rebuild, and replaced the head gasket and all coolant
>  hoses.  Thetas about it.
>  A couple of things I noticed were fuel leaking from the pump adjustment
>  screw (where you hook up a dial indicator) and it seems there is fual
>  leaking from a couple of the injectors.  I reused the entire injector.
>  I've heard that you need to at least replace the heat shield, and I
>  didn't do this.

  That ain't no adjusting screw.  It's the plug for the timing port.  If it's
leaking it won't start.  That's the high pressure end of the pump and
you won't get fuel into the injectors if you're loosing it out that plug.
Did you loose the copper washer that goes on the bolt?  If so then
get a new one and snug it up.
  No problem reusing injectors but you should use new heat shields.
They won't seal well unless you put them back in the same hole with
the same injector, use new shields, or re-shape the old shield.
Compression leaking out is the main thing as well as carbon building
up between the lower housing and the nozzle assembly.  It won't hurt
anything in itself but it makes it tough to disassemble an injector!  :)
  Leaks could be from the high pressure fitting on the injector, between
the halves, from where the nipple go into the upper housing or from the
hoses.  You have to know which to fix it.
>  The liquid coming from around the injectors looked a bit black.  There
>  isn't a chance that the combustion chambers are full of oil?  That would
>  suck.
  A little fuel and a little carbon can make a lot of black.  ;-)

>  Anything else I should look into?  I'm thinking I'll re-time the pump.
Timing wouldn't hurt.  Just be sure to use the right specs and have the
cold start advance lever seated firmly, at the pump not just inside the
car.  The cable could be bent or out of adjustment.

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