[Vwdiesel] injection pump timing

Kris krisa at subtend.net
Wed Aug 28 22:03:09 EDT 2002

I'm having a bit of difficulty getting the timing right.  I'm timing
this from scratch as I have replace the timing belt.

I have the flywheel loop showing indicating TDC.  I have the camshaft
locking plate in (opposite side of gear).  Currently my cam and pump
gears are loose.

I'm grasping at straws on how to start.  I've previously (by
trial+error) made it so that when the pump locking pin was in, it read
.037in (no metric dial indicator).  But, then you run into the issue of
the teeth between the crankshaft and the pump gear don't match
presicely.  Plus the fact that the locking pin has a lot of sway in it.

I'm just a packet pusher.

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