[Vwdiesel] no start - update

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu Aug 29 04:23:10 EDT 2002

> Then I tried with my foot on the gas.  I can get it to idle with my foot
>  more than half way down on the gas.  I assume this is because of off
>  timing?  I was just happy it was running.  Lots of exhaust from the
>  front of the head.  I assume this is because I didn't get new heat
>  shields for the injectors.  <sigh> Maybe I'll throw in some rebuilt
>  ones.

  Shouldn't really see any exhaust out the front even with used heat
shields.  Now if you put them upside down maybe...  Usually it's
just slopped diesel, coolant, etc getting hot.  Timing off shouldn't
cause no idle.  It's usually a low fuel delivery problem.  Pump sucking
air from a loose fitting, cracked hose, dirty fuel filter.  Did you find
washer for the timing plug?  The only other things I've seen cause no
idle is the throttle arm put back on wrong or the fuel delivery volume
screw backed out too far (messed with).
>  Thanks for the tip on unbolting the injection pump and moving it from
>  the back.  I didn't know you actually had to move the pump!

  Oh, you'd have had a fun time setting it then!  Pulling the advance really
doesn't compensate because a cold engine tends to need the extra
advance.  So with retarded timing and the advance pulled, it's still not
what it should be with it set properly and pulled.  :)

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