[Vwdiesel] Turn down the smoke

Jim Arnott jrasite at eoni.com
Fri Aug 30 21:33:17 EDT 2002

To refresh everyone's memory, the patient is an:

'82 Vanagon Westy retrofitted with a CK 1500 Rabbit motor.  Due to
engine cover clearance concerns, the stock Vanagon injection pump has
been retained. So, in short, we have an injection pump that is set to
provide fuel for an engine 100cc's larger that the actual engine it *is*
providing fuel for.

It smokes.  Black at full throttle and it's as gutless as a bull elk
that's fallen victim to a hunter. (53mph flat out after a 6 mile flat
full throttle run.)

It has been suggested that one might "turn down the fueling" by
unscrewing the fueling adjustment.  Being the chicken that I am when it
comes to fiddling with things I know little about, I picked up the Bosch
  VE Technical Instruction to gain a bit more wisdom. (Which I'll scan
and put where we *all* can use it.)

Anyway, said technical instruction says nothing about a fuel adjustment
other than it's controlled by the cam in the pump and the cam is matched
to the specific motor. We may try changing cams at some point in the
future but until then, I'd like to "turn down the fueling"...

I put a pic on my website of what I understand to be the adjustment that
I should tinker with.  Would someone who's BTDT successfully take a look
and confirm that this is what I should be twisting. The governor adjustment.


And for future reference, is changing the cam something that can be
accomplished without screwing up a very expen$ive assembly. Looking at
the picture in the above referenced TI, it looks like it might be as
simple as removing four bolts, sliding it out and sliding the correct
one in. Anybody actually successfully disassembled and REASSEMBLED one
of these beasts?

Thanks for sharing your enlightenment.


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