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I tried to completely disassemble a VW CV joint once for a thurough inspection
and re-lube. Bentley said each ball had to go back in its original location in
the joint and that the cage had to be in the same orientation and so did the
orientation of the inner race on the shaft and the outter race to the inner
race. So I attempted to mark everything and I got a bunch of paper cups and
numbered them to drop a ball in each. I got frustrated and gave up and bought a
"reman" axle. How important is it to do this excercise in futility? Or can one
just put them back in any order and orientation?


Quoting LBaird119 at aol.com:

> > Bought one from
> >  autozone and when I when to push the innerCV end in place the CV fell
> apart
> >  and the bearings dropped out.
>   That's odd.  Is it the right axle?  Such as too short?  Most of these
> won't
> fall
> apart unless over extended and even then usually only when pretty worn.
> One
> of my 914 CV joints will fall apart if picked up by one of the sides.  It
> still
> ran fine though.  :)
> Can't seem to get it back together and if I
> >  did I don't see how you could put it on without it falling apart?
> >
>   Starting with a completely disassembled joint (start in at whatever
> point yours is at).
> The parts are the outer race, inner race, cage and balls.
> Grab the outer race, set the cage perpendicular to it.  One opening is a
> little
> larger so you want to be sure and have that one over one of the race bulges
> in the inner race.  Roll it in and turn it so that it's flat with the outer
> race.  Do
> the same thing with the inner race.  Be sure if one side goes to the
> outside
> or inside.
>   Now, take a lightly greased or oiled ball and by putting your thumb in
> the
> center of the inner race, roll one track up high enough to poke a ball in
> the
> opening in the cage.  JUST far enough to poke in a ball, not much more.
> Now go about across the face and do one on the other side.  Keep back
> and forth until all the balls are in.  When they're all in, sometimes a
> nice
> whack against the bench, your palm or a light rap with a hammer will
> loosen things all up.  Be sure where you have the ^ on the inner race,
> it mates to a v on the outer and vise versa.
>      Loren
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