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Mon Dec 2 12:10:40 EST 2002

First...I am not a physics major...so read this with that

A strut slows down the actions of the suspension.

force=mass x acceleration.

If the actions of the suspension happen faster (no damping), then
you have increased the force by allowing the same mass to accelerate
faster.  Slow the acceleration and you decrease the force exerted
on the spring.

A bad shock won't allow the corner to sag (the way a bad spring will)
but will affect the way the car responds to loads encountered
in use.  Weight is constantly transferring in your car.  Every time
you accelerate, brake or corner...each tire bears a different amount
of the total weight of the vehicle.

Hope that helps.

Chris Boyer

Nate Wall <nwall at opei.org> writes:
>I thought bottoming out was a sign of worn struts (I think Bentley
>this), but how is that so? I thought the struts just dampened the spring
>"boyer at cts.com" wrote:
>> A heavier spring will put more weight on whatever wheel has it, so
>> a stiff spring up front will make the vehicle understeer worse
>> than a FWD car already does.
>> If your existing springs sag so much
>> they are going into compression and touching coils, then the spring
>> rate goes way up. A totally compressed spring has an infinite rating.
>> If your existing springs compress to the point of collapse, then
>> the new springs will help.  If not, I think the stiffer spring
>> up front will  degrade the overall handling of the car.  A front
>> driver is a marginal handler at best.
>> My GTI always handled best with a soft strut setting up front and
>> a very firm setting on the rear.  This tended to mitigate the
>> inherent understeer by inducing a bit of oversteer.  Significantly
>> less air pressure in the rear end also induced a bit of oversteer.
>> The same could be achieved with significantly more air pressure...
>> lessening the tire contact patch.
>> I've always done cartridges....except when I changed all four springs
>> on my GTI (as a matched set) for a little lower CG and better
>> handling.
>> Regards,
>> Chris Boyer
>> San Digeo
>> Nate Wall <nwall at opei.org> writes:
>> >I'm at 260,000 miles on mine. The springs appear fine. I considered
>> new assemblies from The Parts Place for two reasons: They claim the new
>> spring is stiffer than stock (better handling?), and its a quick change
>> not requiring those special strut tools. But I think I'll jsut go w/
>> >new struts and strut bearings soon.  Good question. I'd like to hear
>> responses. My front end is quite tired too.
>> >
>> >--Nate
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>> >Dave K wrote:
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>> >> Thanks for the help on the CV axel,  I couldn't get the CV joint back
>> together.  So I took it to autozone and they gave me another
>> unit.  This time I left the tie straps on until it was in place, then I
>> off the tie straps and bolted here on.  Car is vibration free now.
>> >>
>> >> The car has a lot of miles on the suspension.  What's the general
>> on struts?  Do you replace the whole assenbly strut,spring, housing or
>> replace the strut using a spring compressor and reuse the spring?.
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