[Vwdiesel] Glow Plugs

Al Stumbaugh alstum at visuallink.com
Sun Dec 8 12:06:49 EST 2002

Hi There:
     My diesel got slower to start and made a
lot of smoke for the first minute, so I knew
at least one glow plug was out. I got the
digital meter out and measured the voltage
drop across the buss bars. From #one to #2
it was 1.9 milivolts, from #2 to #3 it was
3.8, but from #3 to #4 it was still 3.8,
which means #3 glow plug was out. I could
not tell the status of #4 since I did not
have a voltage drop reading for the wire
from the fuse to plug #4.

    If you can get your grubby hands on a
digital meter, it might be a good idea to
take these readings and write them down
for future reference. I just set the
meter to DC Volts and set it on the lowest
setting. While the plugs are cycling,
take the readings. You will need two or
three cycles to get all the readings
unless you are fast.

My two cents for today!

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