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Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Wed Dec 11 09:10:33 EST 2002

Good point about the child latch. I forgot about those. Those child lock latches
(the flip lever) get froze up real easy. Generous W-D 40 and tapping w/ a hammer
frees them up.

LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

> > the intermediate shaft pulley had its flanges chewed
> >  up/broken off. off to the parts place tommorow....is this pulley the same
> as
> >  on the gassers?
>   Nope, gas belt is narrower.  These are cast aluminum pulleys so are brittle
> Some came with no flanges so if you're stuck you could chew all the flange
> off.  I've built up a small missing piece with JB Weld.
> >  1. on gasket adhesive: what do folks use to adhere the gasket to the mating
> >  surfaces. specifically the oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket. i got
> >  factory gaskets. i have in the past used rtv and glued the gasket one side
> >  (pan or cover) it dry overnight. bentley book doesn;t say anything on this
> >  ???? advice please?
>   They actually don't recommend any and generally don't need it.  I do use
> the thinnest film of the sparkly blue RTV in a tube.  It doesn't go bad in
> the
> tube, spreads thin, is sticky before cured and not so slimy that you have to
> wait for it to cure before tightening bolts.  Of course you wouldn't want to
> tighten them on a cork gasket even with this.  Works in one step on the
> paper ones though.  I still try to give it a half hour or so before final
> torque.
> >
> >  2. a/c compressor brackets:
>   I look in there so rarely, maybe someone else has been there more, or
> you could send a pic?
> >  where in the fs*$%^& are the adjusters for the a/c compressor? bentley just
> >  says that there is a tensioning bolt, no picture ???? i found the one for
> >  the alternator, but where is the one for the a/c?
>   Seems like it swings but in the process it messes with the tension on
> the alternator.  You have to loosen it first, adjust the A/C then do the
> alt.  On the 85, there's a tensioning bolt that goes straight down in
> front of the compressor.  Mine was missing.  You still have to loosen
> 4 bolts I think and prying the compressor tight helps keep things from
> breaking or stripping.
> >
> >  3. door latch. the right rear door has the handle broken off. i got a used
> >  handle assembly from the pick and pull. problem is i can not get the door
> >  open to pull the screws to change the handle. i cannot release it from the
> >  inside. it almost feels like its sprung somehow. any thoughts/advise?
> >
> >  thanks again for all your help. i look forward to your replies.
> >
>   Perhaps bust out the rest of the handle so you can reach through the hole
> from the outside.  Otherwise maybe pull the back seat bottom and that
> door panel and get open it from inside.  Generally this happens from a
> broken outside handle and the child lock engaged on the latch.  :P
>      Loren
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